New York Actor/Poet

Joanne Joseph

available for booking at colleges, women's groups, community groups, etc.

Love, Loss and a Laugh or Two
Secret Pockets
Ships Pass
Joanne Joseph performing her own poetry, in The Plain Style, chronicling her life as actor/poet, lover, mother, daughter, friend, survival job worker, and citizen.

Shakespeare's Mums
Joanne's one-hour, one-person romp through the Bard's plays, taking an insightful and fun look at Shakespeare's mother characters.

Directory & Publications
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Recent poems published in Global City Revew, The Dirty Goat, New York Quarterly, Literary New York.

And in development:

Warriors, Women and the Odd Jester
Shakespeare's power seekers, killers, male and female, the women who warn of tragedy and are left behind, the cowards and jesters who oppose such deaths, the pacifists and dreamers, the winners, the losers.

Also available: Workshops in the understanding and performance of Shakespeare's text, and getting hold of creativity in poetry.

Graphic: Eva Nowak

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or Fax: 212-280-5686

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